To Have A Career Like Playing On The Court

Surfing the web aimlessly,I came across a journal saying a post 80’s does a good job by selling fried egg cake after quitting his job in Wuhan.The guy is not a stranger to me as we once worked together as an cake apprentice in Wuhan two years ago.During that time,exactly only one week,we learned all the basis about making a delicious cake.Dough making,sauce boiling,cheek frying,goods selling and many other processes were our daily work from 11 am to 11 pm everyday.The weather during that period in Wuhan was extremely hot.We could just stand on our feet to completed the work.I vividly remembered my legs ached all the day standing for nearly 9 hours in my first day.We were not the only two apprentices.I learned quickly but he not.I came alone but he came with her mother.When he started her own business I even went to his stall for a help and took a taste.It’s not the one we’ve just learned,I have to say.When I started my own one back in Shenzhen,I dare to say I still made a better texture at the beginning.But what has happened since then? My business just lasts less than three months nevertheless he insists on it all the time. Now he has made a big progress and even becomes a local web celebrity more or less. But what about me?I haven’t done anything from the start to the end.I am still standing at the starting point of my own life again,having no idea of what to do next.What is a huge difference!

Like tennis and English language,if I could find a career that I put all my hearts into it,obviously I would succeed eventually.Everyday when I play tennis,I find my whole body is full of energy.I cherish every second on the court.I always want to have more,even after playing for three hours.I forget all other things but only focus on tennis.I am glad for every excellent stroke,pity for every unnecessary missing.What an enjoyable experience that I find I’m on the top of the world during that period.I need my career to go like this,no matter how many times have to reset my orientation.I know this not a easy path but I promise myself to try to the end.

Stay In My Own World Or Get Out Of It

A post 90’s young girl,sitting besides me in the cubicle,makes a deep impression on all the members in the office.She works very hard.Everyday I go off work on time,she is always there doing her work alone.Sometimes looking at her work stuff I even find it is a little ridiculous and even meaningless. It seems she does a lot of work with no shortcut. Computer skills are what she is obviously lack of. But she just heads into what she ought to do.Strictly speaking, she is not my colleague because she just stays at our office but works for another company.Sometimes I even wonder if I were her how I would behave. Would I obey the time discipline? Would I put all my efforts on the work even with no supervision? Would I accomplish all my duty, even get praise from the irrelevant parters?Probably the answer is no! So this is the difference.

Then one tiny thing attracts me when we talk about what she is mainly doing.It is that she joins hundreds of wechat and QQ groups.There are so many chat groups that her two phones even can not operate quite well.Often We all laugh at this.But today then suddenly,I realize one of my problems exists all the time.I always live in my own world and do not want to get out of it.I do not want to connect with others too much because it involves so much effort and trouble.Comparing with interacting with other people,I prefer to playing with myself,for instance,reading a book,listening to a soft music,and just sitting in the chair with nothing to do.Concerning interacting with other people,it needs more time and patience to cater to them.What if I spend a lot of time doing something myself less distraction?Unfortunately I was completely wrong from of my own experience.I always doing things absolutely with no room.I need more balance between myself and connecting others.I am not an isolated person at all! Learn to keep balance as soon as possible.
Self improvement is a long journey.I know I have no other choice but do my best to improve myself gradually.The Lord Of The Rings is one of my best favorite films that I love so much.I do not know how many times exactly I have seen it.Every time I see it I always can get some courage. Frodo and his companions are on an unknown venture that they have to make done. At last they succeed. I hope I can too.So do not just stay in my own world all the time.I need chance to get out of it.Spare space is necessary but public one is also indispensable.

I Wish I Could Move Ahead But Not

Sitting in the cubicle with little desire to do anything,it is so disappointing to find I’m still standing at the starting point after so much time of trying.Am I just counting down to have an end of this job here?How many days left?Two?Three? or fourteen?All seems likely.

It will be exactly half a year since I got this work in July at the end of this week.Half a year is not a long period,to some extent.But it is also not a short time.Looking back upon the surroundings when I decided to change my career to this one,I had so much of passions and ambitions.There is a big chance to make a difference this time just like any one before.I wish I could move ahead but not.Unfortunately I messed it up again.Where are the problems?How should I do to improve it?What is my plan next month?
It’s how you view the life inside you that creates the life outside of you.Once I read this sentence then wrote it down.Yes,it is true.The life I have now is the one I chose.I have no other choice but have to accept it.Additionally,I must have a clear mind that I must find the right path to fulfill my callings as soon as possible.Time is priceless.I have no time to waste any more!

Persistence Is A Power But Not Easy

Two weeks ago I decided to write at least one English post every week.But unfortunately nothing has happened since then.Sometimes I had the desire but no time.Otherwise I got time but no desire.All led to the same result:no new posts at all.The situation also applies to reading somehow.I had my Kindle Paperwhite2 half a year ago.How many books have I read using such a cool device?Maybe less than 10.What a pity!What a waste of money! I EVEN have read THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING for over two months but haven’t completed it yet.This is the reality.After so much effort,I get to know what I want to pursue but I am always lack of persistence and focus.
A week ago I read a post in which the author,Jeff,recommended everyone loving writing to write a post not less than 500 words each day for a month, I registered with no hesitance and decided to take part in this great challenge.I reckoned it’s a practical and meaningful project.I even imagine how far my writing skills would make after accomplishing it.But till now,no posts has written out.

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We all know persistence could make a great difference.Just as our Chinese saying goes,dripping water could wear through a stone after many many times’ drop.Persistence is a power that everyone of us would undertake its magic only if we could make efforts consistently to make it happen..It is such a power that we couldn’t get it over a night,a week,even a year.No one knows when it is the time.If we want to get the ideal outcome,we have no other choice but keep moving.Taking myself as an example,I always make up my mind to accomplish something worth doing.At first I am full of energy.Then gradually the energy decreases.The objective is one thing,plan is another and action is the other.For me,persistence is not easy.
I know I still have a long way to go.