A university classmate,employed in Tencent, told me yesterday that he just completed his interview with Alibaba’s interviewer.He thought the interview was good and had a  chance to make his job transform. The wages and payments sounded a lot of money.Honestly speaking,it is so much that  I can’t deserve right now. Baidu is also one of his choice too.Baidu, Alibaba and Tencet, known as BAT in China’s internet industry,are three most famous and wealthiest companies in this country. To get a job in these three companies is a career dream, even a life dream for many Chinese university graduates.My classmate have done a perfect job. He should have deserved pride from himself and admiration from others,of course,in some extent,including me.


It also reminds me of my own poor career path.Having graduating from my college eight years ago,my career is till in a mess,no focus,no persistence and then no fruit.The reality tells me the truth that I will not succeed in any of these fields or types because of my personality.I hate constraint,mendacity and complexity that in all ordinary work I have to comply with.I love freedom,curiosity and creativity which most of work can not provide.Two roads diverged in the wood,and I took the one less traveled by.This is what Robert Frost once said in his work,The Road Not Taken.And It is also just what I want to do in my life.To have a different but meaningful life is much more appealing to me than just to go with the crowd.To be the one I want to be,that is it.

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To take the road less traveled by also means much more uncertainty awaits you along the journey because you can’t gain any experience from others but have to get it from your first hand.You will encounter a lot of difficulties,setbacks and even find no ways to go on.That is the price.But you will also enjoy the beauty that few can ever see.If you are determined and lucky enough,you will get what you want ultimately.As the saying goes,all roads lead to Rome.In my opinion,this is the advantage. A man should stand on his own feet,make his own efforts to fulfill his own destiny,with no exception.

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The year of 2014 is going to be an end within a few hours. Looking back upon this whole year,much more is to be done in 2015.Looking to the new year,I need to put the past aside and keep an open mind.keep a good relationship.keep reading, writing and learning.Learn to take photograph.Learn to write posts regularly.learn to become the person I always want to be.

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Happy new year,you and me!


about me

(Found an interesting website this week and made some efforts to have my own one.During the process it needed to have a bio then I made one.A few days later sent me a letter with some tips.It said less was more and I needed just an optimal length of just 4-6 sentences to make it.Obviously the one I made is not the one I mostly need.Here below is my original version.It is a waste to just delete it so I decide to leave it here.How to just describe myself using only a few words?Frankly speaking I’ve got no idea till now.But I have to get one sooner or later.)

As a Chinese saying goes,a man should stand on his feet in his thirties.To me,that means you should know yourself well enough,about your strength,weakness,calling and destiny. Life is a long but also a short journey,a quest,full of ups and downs.After over thirty years’ exploration,especially these two years,I gradually find my inner peace that can help me overcome any setbacks,frustration and keep a reasonable mind to love this colorful world.

During my spare time,I like to play tennis,which is my favorite sport since 2008 besides watching Arsenal FC’s game.English language is my another hobby as well as reading and writing.Traveling is also my love because it can open my mind and broaden my horizon.I hope I am able to travel in EU especially UK,watching a Premier game in Emirate Stadium.

Freedom is also my love.I dream of being freelance.I have done everything I could to accomplish that.How long will it take?Maybe 3 years,maybe even longer,I don’t care.I just know I should,have to,listen to my heart.

I am the master of my fate,the captain of my soul. –William Ernest Henley