To Have A Career Like Playing On The Court

Surfing the web aimlessly,I came across a journal saying a post 80’s does a good job by selling fried egg cake after quitting his job in Wuhan.The guy is not a stranger to me as we once worked together as an cake apprentice in Wuhan two years ago.During that time,exactly only one week,we learned all the basis about making a delicious cake.Dough making,sauce boiling,cheek frying,goods selling and many other processes were our daily work from 11 am to 11 pm everyday.The weather during that period in Wuhan was extremely hot.We could just stand on our feet to completed the work.I vividly remembered my legs ached all the day standing for nearly 9 hours in my first day.We were not the only two apprentices.I learned quickly but he not.I came alone but he came with her mother.When he started her own business I even went to his stall for a help and took a taste.It’s not the one we’ve just learned,I have to say.When I started my own one back in Shenzhen,I dare to say I still made a better texture at the beginning.But what has happened since then? My business just lasts less than three months nevertheless he insists on it all the time. Now he has made a big progress and even becomes a local web celebrity more or less. But what about me?I haven’t done anything from the start to the end.I am still standing at the starting point of my own life again,having no idea of what to do next.What is a huge difference!

Like tennis and English language,if I could find a career that I put all my hearts into it,obviously I would succeed eventually.Everyday when I play tennis,I find my whole body is full of energy.I cherish every second on the court.I always want to have more,even after playing for three hours.I forget all other things but only focus on tennis.I am glad for every excellent stroke,pity for every unnecessary missing.What an enjoyable experience that I find I’m on the top of the world during that period.I need my career to go like this,no matter how many times have to reset my orientation.I know this not a easy path but I promise myself to try to the end.

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