I Wish I Could Move Ahead But Not

Sitting in the cubicle with little desire to do anything,it is so disappointing to find I’m still standing at the starting point after so much time of trying.Am I just counting down to have an end of this job here?How many days left?Two?Three? or fourteen?All seems likely.

It will be exactly half a year since I got this work in July at the end of this week.Half a year is not a long period,to some extent.But it is also not a short time.Looking back upon the surroundings when I decided to change my career to this one,I had so much of passions and ambitions.There is a big chance to make a difference this time just like any one before.I wish I could move ahead but not.Unfortunately I messed it up again.Where are the problems?How should I do to improve it?What is my plan next month?
It’s how you view the life inside you that creates the life outside of you.Once I read this sentence then wrote it down.Yes,it is true.The life I have now is the one I chose.I have no other choice but have to accept it.Additionally,I must have a clear mind that I must find the right path to fulfill my callings as soon as possible.Time is priceless.I have no time to waste any more!

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