Persistence Is A Power But Not Easy

Two weeks ago I decided to write at least one English post every week.But unfortunately nothing has happened since then.Sometimes I had the desire but no time.Otherwise I got time but no desire.All led to the same result:no new posts at all.The situation also applies to reading somehow.I had my Kindle Paperwhite2 half a year ago.How many books have I read using such a cool device?Maybe less than 10.What a pity!What a waste of money! I EVEN have read THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING for over two months but haven’t completed it yet.This is the reality.After so much effort,I get to know what I want to pursue but I am always lack of persistence and focus.
A week ago I read a post in which the author,Jeff,recommended everyone loving writing to write a post not less than 500 words each day for a month, I registered with no hesitance and decided to take part in this great challenge.I reckoned it’s a practical and meaningful project.I even imagine how far my writing skills would make after accomplishing it.But till now,no posts has written out.

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We all know persistence could make a great difference.Just as our Chinese saying goes,dripping water could wear through a stone after many many times’ drop.Persistence is a power that everyone of us would undertake its magic only if we could make efforts consistently to make it happen..It is such a power that we couldn’t get it over a night,a week,even a year.No one knows when it is the time.If we want to get the ideal outcome,we have no other choice but keep moving.Taking myself as an example,I always make up my mind to accomplish something worth doing.At first I am full of energy.Then gradually the energy decreases.The objective is one thing,plan is another and action is the other.For me,persistence is not easy.
I know I still have a long way to go.

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